Book Up your summer event calendar in 90 days —Guaranteed

Using our proven AI-powered marketing system for event planning businesses, we’ll get you booked  for the rest of the summer within 90 days, or we’ll work for free until we do.  Let us worry about booking your calendar with clients so you can focus on planning their events.  Click the button below  now to schedule a 15-minute call with one of our event planner  lead generation experts  to see if we can help your business.

What we do

  •  Generate organic leads for your event planning business through search engine optimization (SEO): Get found by people looking for your service
  • Google and social media ads: We use AI to figure out where your potential clients are looking for your services, and we put your ads in front of them
  • You’re already getting leads, so we help you seal the deal: We develop custom automated emails and texts to nurture leads into bookings. Never miss a phone call again with our automatic missed call text back feature
  • Custom AI-powered assistant will live on your website 24/7: Your own personal AI assistant is trained on your business info and will talk to your potential clients all day and night, ask and answer their questions, then collect their contact info and send it to you — even while you’re asleep
  • After event follow-up: Automated post-event follow up messaging can request reviews, referrals, and feedback by email or text message

Free Tools

we provide to make your life easier!
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) software: Manage all your leads in one place, visualize your workflow and calendar, automate nearly any task, and so much more
  • Social media management tool: Manage, schedule, post, and reply to all of your social media accounts in one place using our Social Planner
  •  Robust contact forms and calendars:  Optimized contact forms that can book directly into your calendar, at times of your choosing
  • Docusign: Our document signing software is included free, and is unlimited

sustainable, independent marketing systems

We’ll turn your website into a self-reliant lead machine that doesn’t depend on 3rd party directories to book clients. Our commitment to your event business doesn’t stop at implementation. We believe in continuous growth and adaptation. The journey ahead involves refining strategies, staying agile in a dynamic market, and consistently working to maintain and improve your digital edge.  Book a 15-minute call with one of our experts now to see if we’re a good fit for your event business.